Thursday, January 05, 2006

Emotional Intelligence Workshop, Outline

Emotional Intelligence
Workshop Outline


The business world is ever demanding. Whatever your leadership role, the skills and abilities to reach business goals and bring others with us are more and more crucial for success. Emotional Intelligence is a set of capabilities that distinguish outstanding people. Every Leader has the
Capability to increase their self-awareness and therefore their effectiveness when working with others.

This workshop provides an introduction to emotional intelligence for anyone in a management or leadership role. It will provide you with fascinating insights into how you are being with your colleagues. It will provide you with new impetus for change and a time to take stock of your leadership skills and abilities. It also presents the opportunity for you to become more emotionally intelligent in your leading of others. The benefits of this 2-day workshop will be felt for the rest of your professional career as a Manager.

Workshop Outcome:

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

• State the role of Emotional Intelligence in their effectiveness as Leaders.
• List the business case for Emotional Intelligence as well as their own reasons for seeking
improvement in their management ability.
• Conduct an audit of their current work relationships leading to priorities for improvement.
• Assess their own current levels of emotional intelligence.
• Take careful stock of where they are in relation to their hopes, dreams and aspirations and conduct a whole life check on the extent to which their current situation is satisfactory.
• Achieve greater work/life balance through a focus on identifying, understanding, using and managing emotions.
• Plan a work-based project to continue to work on their emotional intelligence after the course.


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Learning Methods:

Accelerated learning methods will be used such as:

Handouts & samples of success stories
Explanations & and examples from diverse work environments
Individual self assessment
Group Assessment
Real business case studies
Impermeable Tools and techniques
Who should participate?

This workshop is ideal for Leaders who are either experienced and want to invest in developing their capabilities. It will also be relevant for new leaders who would like to give themselves the best chances of success.

Workshop Topics

Introduction & Concept Definition
Role of Emotional Intelligence on both personal and professional levels
The 5 keys abilities of Emotional Intelligence
Overview of a sample of an EI inventory assessment
Personal Assessment
Group Assessment
Tools & Techniques to develop EI
How to promote EI within your organization
How to use EI in relationships, decision making, problem solvingcreativity & stress.

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