Friday, December 30, 2005

Mandate, The Arab Society for Quality Assurance in Education

Mandate for the Arab Society for Quality Assurance in Education

The vision of ASQAE is to mobilize all stakeholders in the Arab education community to adopt a culture of quality; to create an environment where academic knowledge, critical thinking and professional standards are applied to support successful interaction between the educational institutions and Arab society, and to promote research, professional development and communication on quality in education.

The mission of ASQAE is to enhance and promote a culture of quality in education in the Arab world through quality assurance technical advice, standard setting, capacity-building, networking and information dissemination.

ASQAE aims
- to promote the development and/or adaptation of current and effective institutional practices and models on educational quality assurance
- to encourage and support setting quality assurance benchmarks based on internationally accepted education quality standards
- to seek alliance with regional and international quality assurance organizations and networks.

ASQAE will achieve its objectives by
- providing expert support through its members to education institutions and quality assurance agencies
- organising seminars and workshops
- supporting research on educational quality and standards
- participating and contributing in international quality assurance networks
- disseminating its activities by reports and on its website
- establishing a database of quality assurance experts in the region

As members will be invited:
- Ministries of Education of all representing countries
- education institutions of all representing countries
- quality assurance agencies of all representing countries
- business and professional organizations and associations (e.g. parental associations),
- educational media
- other interested individuals (e.g. staff, students, experts, etc.) concerned with quality assurance in education.

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